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Important Notice: Transcribed Records on this site and the misspelling contained in the original records will not be changed.

When searching original records you'll find that the spelling of names, places, etc. are riddled with misspellings.  It is a common happening with original source records.  Genealogists and historical researchers deal with this continuously and have learned to make of a copy of the record as is for their own research, and cite the source of the material.

Since many records on the site are transcribed from original source records these spellings cannot be changed in the databases. The original record contains that spelling so the record online will contain that spelling. This is to preserve the integrity of the transcribed data from the original record. We can not change the original record, thus the transcription is as the data appears in it.

From Webster Dictionary
Main Entry: tran·scribe 
Pronunciation: tran(t)-'skrIb
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): tran·scribed; tran·scrib·ing
Etymology: Latin transcribere, from trans- + scribere to write -- more at SCRIBE
Date: 1552
1 a : to make a written copy of b : to make a copy of (dictated or recorded matter) in longhand or on a machine (as a typewriter)

It is our promise to researchers that we will transcribe and present records as they appear, to our best ability, and not make corrections to original records so that you may find copies of the original source record for yourself. 

Thank you. 

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