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Census of the State of Michigan 1894
Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Volume III
Compiled by Washington Gardner, Secretary of State
LANSING: Robert Smith & Co., State Printers and Binders

Names By County

AllenWilliam BreenDickinson 
BassettSamuel Iron Mountain City Second WardDickinson 
BradfordHiramH.Iron Mountain City Fifth WardDickinson 
BriskMoses FelchDickinson 
BurbankJosephW.Iron Mountain City Fourth WardDickinson 
CarpenterW.T.Iron Mountain City Second WardDickinson 
ClevelandRichard SagolaDickinson 
CoutwareJoseph Norway City First WardDickinson 
DakotaJerome BreitungDickinson 
DeracheO.J.Iron Mountain City Fifth WardDickinson 
DeweesJames Iron Mountain City Fourth WardDickinson 
DuffyHenry FelchDickinson 
DurandJames BreitungDickinson 
FelchWilliamW.Iron Mountain City Fourth WardDickinson 
FisherRobert NorwayDickinson 
FrenchJos. Iron Mountain City Fourth WardDickinsonyes
FugalGeorge BreenDickinson 
GathererJohn Norway City Second WardDickinson 
GauslinJohnH.Norway City First WardDickinson 
HayesThomasP.Norway City Second WardDickinson 
HerringtonW.E.Iron Mountain City Fifth WardDickinson 
HuntinA.J.Iron Mountain City Fifth WardDickinson 
JohnsonGeorgeH.Iron Mountain City Fourth WardDickinson 
LavarerPeter Iron Mountain City Fifth WardDickinson 
LyonJamesB.Norway City First WardDickinson 
McCrystalPatrick Iron Mountain City Third WardDickinson 
McDonaldJamesE.Norway City Second WardDickinson 
MullenMichael NorwayDickinson 
ParantoJohn SagolaDickinson 
QuaidThomas FelchDickinson 
RaymondEdwardS.Iron Mountain City Fourth WardDickinson 
ReileyThomas BreenDickinson 
ReileyThomas FelchDickinson 
RenierEnos WaucedahDickinson 
SchellPhilip BreitungDickinson 
SmithReubenA.Iron Mountain City Fifth WardDickinson 
SweetWm.H.Iron Mountain City Fifth WardDickinsonyes
ThomasRichardG.Iron Mountain City Fourth WardDickinson 
TutenRobertP.Iron Mountain City Fifth WardDickinson 

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Transcribed and © Copyright by Donna Hoff-Grambau, July 2000.